As a way of promoting Amazement Square's accessibility to all children and providing hands-on learning opportunities for the region's underserved communities and schools, the museum's multifaceted Inside-Out Outreach Program is a significant outcome of its exhibits and workshop activities, and an important tenet of its education philosophy. Inside-Out, which complements Virginia's Standards of Learning (SOLs) and Early Development Benchmarks, offers hands-on and practical activities in the arts, humanities and sciences to students during and after school.

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City Arts
CityArts participants help place tiles on our mural.

The CityArts Mosaic
Mural Project
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Amazement Square’s CityArts Mentoring Program was established in 2002 in order to help youth develop an understanding of various art forms, acquire specific artistic skills, and play an important role in the process of creating outdoor public art. The program encourages youth to interact with people of different backgrounds, abilities, and ages.  Not only do participants make a lasting contribution to their community but they also learn about teamwork and professionalism while they benefit from cross-cultural interaction.

The first CityArts project, completed in 2002, was the the steel bug sculpture known as “Lynchbug” that is now perched on the sidewalk across from the museum. 2003 saw the creation of the caterpillar bike rack named “Spirals” was placed on the sidewalk adjacent to the museum's entrance. The tromp l’oeil painting on the N.B. Handy building across Ninth Street was painted in 2004 and has been used for the Riverflick Film Series since 2007.

Since 2005, the CityArts Program has worked to create a 4,800 square foot mosaic mural across Jefferson Street from the museum with the help of numerous volunteers from local schools, families, church groups, and summer camps. Each summer since the project’s inception, volunteers from the community have added a new mosaic panel to illustrate an era in the history of downtown Lynchburg. When the project is completed, the mural will detail the rich history of Central Virginia. Following the flow of the James River from west to east, the mural travels from the time before human contact when nature was dominant and thriving, through the height of Monacan civilization, the settlement of the area by Europeans, the booming industrial period, to the current revitalization of the downtown area. The completed mural will be one of the largest in the Commonwealth of Virginia and a lasting gift to the community. read more...

To volunteer or find out more information about this exciting program, please contact the Education Department, by phone at 434-845-1888 or by email at

The Amazing Adventures of Scorpy Bug
Scorpy Bug  
The Amazing Adventures of Scorpy Bug is an educational comic series that offers teachers and students an innovative method to address the Virginia Standards of Learning (SOL) curriculum.  The series’ engaging visuals, relevant topics, fun facts, and challenging activities also offer interactive learning opportunities that families can enjoy together.  The series was published daily in The News & Advance for 35 weeks during the school year from 2005 through 2009 as part of the “Newspapers in Education” program.  It has also been published in comic book format for use in classrooms or at home. read more...
Everyone is Special
Laurel School
A student from the Laurel Regional School enjoying craft time assisted by Amazement Square staff
Children of all ability levels deserve the opportunity to experience the joy of creative expression and hands-on, interactive learning. In 2003 Amazement Square joined efforts with the Laurel Regional School, a school that serves students who are severely mentally and physically handicapped, to help improve the educational and recreational opportunities available to students with special needs. Through regular hands-on programming, students who have participated in the Everyone is Special Partnership are able to focus their creativity in new and innovative ways. In 2011, Amazement Square received a Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation Quality of Life grant that will help cover transportation and admission costs for Laurel’s students.
Past Programs:
Full Speed Ahead
Full Spped Ahead
A student from the Boys and Girl's Club reading to a group of children.
At Amazement Square, it's never too early to dream big! We believe imagining what the future holds is sometimes all it takes to inspire youth to set goals and strive for the best. In 2005, we began the Full Speed Ahead program to involve local middle school students in an innovative career development program. This program, which expanded in 2007 to include the boys and Girls Club of Greater Lynchburg was designed to give area youth an opportunity to not just imagine their potential, but to realize it as well! In 2008, the program even allowed participants to oversee the daily progress of the CityArts Mosaic Mural Project.
Project OUTreach
Project Outreach
A student from Hutcherson enjoying craft time assisted by Amazement Square staff

In 2007, Amazement Square reached out and partnered up with Hutcherson Early Learning Center, a school that was dedicated to serving children between the ages of two and five who had been found eligible for Early Childhood Special Education services. Since the program’s beginning, members of Amazement Square’s Education Department delivered fun, hands-on, educational programming to the students through a series of visits to the school and in the museum. This program proved that it’s never too early to put on your thinking cap and make learning fun!

Reach for the Stars
Boys and Girls
A student from the Boys and Girl's Club learning about living a healthy lifestyle.

In the summer of 2007, Amazement Square teamed up with the Boys and Girls Club of Greater Lynchburg! Museum staff worked with the members of the Club in a series of workshops, designed to foster healthy development and increase school readiness. During the 2007-2008 school year, museum staff continued the program with a series after school programs that focused on healthy lifestyle choices and African American history.

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